All clubs, where the provision of alcohol is available, must have a current authorising licence, from the regulatory body, and provide the league with the terms regarding the membership provisions.
Irrespective of such, it is a league directive that NO alcohol is to be taken OR consumed, outside of the licensed clubhouse area, immediately before, during and immediately after, any playing period.
For the avoidance of doubt as to the areas of the ground covered by this directive, each club must have authorisation, in writing, by the league of the specific areas deemed to be permissible for the consumption of alcohol. Failure to comply, or any breach of this directive by spectators, supporters or officials, will be dealt with under FA Standardised Rule 4.2 and 4.6 as seen below.
This directive is consistent with the Rules and Regulations of the relevant FA and therefore is a binding obligation on all Wessex League Clubs.
FA Standardised Rule 4.2 Save where specifically provided otherwise in the Rules, the Board shall have power to apply, act upon and enforce the Rules and shall have jurisdiction over all matters affecting the league including any not provided for in these Rules. The Board shall also have the power to issue an order or instruction, by way of a Board Directive, in the best interest of the League, on any matter not provided for in the Rules, with which Clubs must comply or be subject to sanction under Rule 4.6, save where any such Directive is inconsistent with a Rule or Regulation of The FA, in which event the Directive will not create a binding obligation on Clubs FA Standardised 4.6.
If a Club fails to comply with a Board Directive within fourteen days of notification of such order or instruction, or within fourteen days of an operative date specified in that order or instruction, it shall not be allowed to play or take part in the business of the Company until the expiry of 7 days from the day the order or instruction is complied with.

By order of The Wessex League Management Board.