Almeida: “Defense and attack will be at the same level”

Almeida worked with special focus on the attacking side

✍️ Carlo Simone / 📷 Giancarlo Bocchetti

Bournemouth FC, Assistant Manager Diogo Almeida explained how the team is getting prepared ahead of Saturday’s away match against AFC Portchester.

What exercises have you implemented to try and fix the lack of goals so far this season?

“So we’ve been working a lot in finishing, especially in the technical detail of finishing [with] how to time our runs, how to time our shots, the body shape when receiving the ball, so that’s been the main focus. We’re creating the chances but missing that last bit in the final third, and we’ve been working on that this week, and I’m pretty sure we’re going to get some goals in this Saturday.”

Do you think you’ll find the balance between defence and attack?

“We’ve been very good defensively, very organised. Players know their roles [and] what to do, they know the exact players to mark, so defensively we’ve been very good. Offensively we’re creating the situations, but as I said we’re lacking that last bit to put the ball in the back of the net. We’re hitting the post, we’re hitting the crossbar. I’m pretty sure it’s going to come, it might take some time. It took two sessions this week to work hard [and] concentrate, and then Saturday [there’s] going to come the moment when defence and attack are on the same level.”

Almeida (right) having a conversation with Edgar Zanin

Would you consider tonight’s [training] session run with high intensity?

“The session started very well. I know it’s difficult for these guys [as] they work during the day, eight, nine hours maybe. Some of them might wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning, so it’s normal for the first 15-20 minutes of the session [to be] very good and then obviously the concentration starts
dropping a little bit. But we talked with them and they understand they need to be concentrating, they need to be focused, and it has to be during the whole session, because in the game you’re not going to be playing 45 minutes, you’re going to play 90 minutes. We spoke with them two weeks ago about this concentration and the intensity of the sessions is improving, it’s getting better. Today dropped a little bit at the end, but I’m pretty sure these guys are [going] in the right direction.”