No Pain / No Gain

Giancarlo Bocchetti. – Bournemouth FC will not play Bashley Football Club Tonight. It was not precisely because of adverse weather conditions or the recent horrific A338 improved roadworks, the reasons amongst the match cancellation,

At  11:38 a.m. this Tuesday it was known only via the official account of Twitter for Bashley that the game was called off. The tweet was later on deleted from Bashley’s account @FootballBashley

The secretary of Bournemouth FC, Patricia Painter, confirmed that Bashley asked for the game to be cancelled. “Mike (Cuffie) and Leo (Cabeleira) have been informed. I have also contacted the ref team, there’s no game tonight.

This department contacted the Wessex League secretary who confirmed: “This morning we received a call from Bashley’s secretary informing us that they would not be able to play the match against Bournemouth as they don’t have a team of players to do so.”

When enquired if a team would need the consent from the other’s team secretary to suspend a game under these unforeseen circumstances, he confirmed: “not really. They do inform us in advance and we call the game off to be postponed.

It was also known that the fate of this match will be decided during the next club’s meeting with the league. “We will have to understand further about the circumstances that led to the cancellation and from there we will decide what to do.” informed the secretary.

It became an unexpected day off for everyone at Bournemouth FC, with the disappointment of not playing an interesting match with a very good rivalry.  The team will, however, start preparing the match against Bemerton Heath Harlequins for the Wessex League on saturday.


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