Finch: “This one goes for you Ben Scott”

The striker dedicated his hat-trick against Portland to the memory of Ben Scott

Giancarlo Bocchetti. – Humble, charismatic and shy. Three words that can define Mickey Finch personality who normally runs away from the microphones as he keeps demonstrating all of his value and talent on the pitch.

This season Poppies have taken advantage of his explosive change of pace, breathtaking dribbling and unerring eye for goal, he poses a continual threat to opposing teams.

Outside the pitch, Finch keeps demonstrating that talent and quality.  The striker dedicated a post on his social media highlighting “This one was for you… Ben Scott 🙏❤️⚽️

When approached about the post, Mickey said: “I met and knew him for a few months.  Ben was a nice down to earth guy and used to have a good laugh with him.

Back to the hat-trick he scored against Portland on Poppies victory  2-6, he confirmed: “It was for him. My thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.”

A long season full of challenges lies ahead for Finch and the rest of the team. When asked if the return of Flynn, from suspension, has boosted his game he explained:  “No!  He keeps telling me off the whole gameI want to score more than him,” laughed.

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