Cabeleira “We will go back to winning ways”

Assistant Manager Leonardo Cabeleira is confident that the side be back to winning ways after suffering their first defeat of the season to AFC Portchester on the weekend.



Ross Millen. – The Poppies have enjoyed a very good start to the season but unfortunately lost to an 87th minute winning goal at Victoria Park on the weekend, but Leonardo Cabeleira won’t let it affect their season. The unbeaten run came to an end and obviously we’re all disappointed however the season is long and we are conscious that we played really well all game. An individual mistake cost us the game so I think we can’t let the defeat affect our excellent start to the season.”

In the build-up to the decisive goal there was a controversial free-kick given despite the player getting the ball and it then resulted in the set-piece being turned in. The foul wasn’t very clear from my point of view on the bench but the referee said our player tackled with both feet and very high. If the referee took that decision we just have to get on with it. In terms of the goal, I think our players lost concentration but I believe that’s the way we have to learn sometimes.”

Suffering a defeat can always affect a teams mentalities but the coaching stage are determined not to change anything. We’re motivating the players to keep working the same way like the previous games. We know where to correct the mistakes so I’m sure we will go back to winning ways next weekend.

AFC Portchester look like one of the stronger teams in the division and after dropping points against them it can be seen as an uphill battle for promotion. The season is long so our chances to keep for fighting for the top spot are still there. Lets keeping working on and off the pitch and I’m sure things will happen.


Bournemouth FC are next back in against on Saturday against Portland United. The game will kick off at 3pm at their ground, Weyline Stadium.

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