Documentary reveals the identity of the lesser-known Bournemouth Football Club

A documentary has been made about Bournemouth FC. Photo: Giancarlo Bocchetti

A NEW video documentary has been produced to showcase the history and background of Bournemouth Football Club – but do not expect to see the stars of the Premier League.

While many people refer to Eddie Howe’s side as Bournemouth, the actual Bournemouth FC can be found playing their matches away from the global television audience in Winton.

In the new short documentary, which was released online this month, viewers will be able to find out more about Bournemouth FC.

The club are nicknamed Poppies and one of the oldest clubs in England.

Founded in 1875 as Bournemouth Rovers at a meeting in Abbotts Auction Mart in Old Christchurch Road – 24 years before the team which became AFC Bournemouth was formed – Poppies currently play in the regional Sydenham’s Wessex League, which is the ninth tier of English football.

Just years after forming the club participated in one of the first floodlit matches, playing under experimental electric lights at Dean Park in November 1878.

The short film produced and presented by Oliver Thompson looks at the club’s past, present and future in a bid to raise the profile of the team and local interest from across the Bournemouth area.

He said: “Being passionate for non-league football, I decided to find out more about my local club and watch a game which brought me to the Poppies.

“After some investigating and finding out more about the club, I just knew I had to make a film about what I had found out.”

The founders of the club set up a heritage book, which was passed down and contained details on the club from new signings to managerial changes.

However, at present the book has been lost and Oliver said it would have been very useful throughout the documentary.

The club play at the 3,000 capacity Victoria Park Sports Ground in Winton and the documentary is set to be released on the online platform, YouTube.

Poppies’ assistant manager, Leo Cabeleira, said: “We want Bournemouth Poppies to engage with the local community in order to establish a reputation as a family and Bournemouth University student football club.

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