The Wessex Football League is committed to being a Family Friendly league where all of the community can enjoy football. We expect all member clubs to create a positive environment where fans, members and visitors can attend a game, free from swearing and unacceptable language, from managers, players, club officials and spectators.
Playing in small grounds means that swearing and unacceptable language on the pitch or anywhere in the ground can be heard by those present. Word of this behaviour will soon spread within the community where reputations develop, as to the type of club you are.
This will not only resort in lack of community engagement but can also affect funding opportunities. Local businesses will not be interested in supporting a club with bad-mouthed managers, players and supporters.
FA Rules E3 and E20 can also mean fines and penalty points being issued to the club. Chairmen, Club Officials, Players and Fans all have a role to play in ensuring that we tackle the problem of using unacceptable language, which is UNLAWFUL in a public place.
Cleaning up your club, involves everyone, from the Chairman, Secretary, Manager, Players and supporters, working to make your club more attractive to families and younger fans. Ensuring stronger and lasting ties with your local community and encouraging a bigger fan base.
A SWEAR-FREE club will lead to, a more favourable place for all, increased opportunity to attract local business, increased opportunity to attract sponsors and better local funding opportunities, and a positive inclusive community image.


By order of The Wessex League Management Board.